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iPhone/iPad Panoramas

Neither Flash nor QuicktimeVR content can be displayed on iPhone and iPad. But Freiburg Panorama offers an additional Format:


Just click HTML 5 below the panorama on the right and you can view the panorama in Safari on iPhone and iPad. The HTML 5 version can also be viewed in Safari on an Mac.

How does it work?

We are stitching all our panoramas with the program PTGui. Postprocessing is done in Photoshop. After that all panoramas have to be converted into 3 formats: equirectangular for previews, Flash and HTML 5. This is done with the very impressive program Pano2VR by Thomas Rauscher (website: Garden Gnome Software). Thus we avoid the need for another program to view panoramas on iPhone and iPad. You can simply stick to Safari.

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